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In a recent article on, the timeliness of knee replacement was studied among people who might benefit from the procedure.  This study concluded that the majority of Americans are likely living with knee pain longer than they should: “90% of Americans with osteoarthritis suffer too long before having a knee replacement that could improve their quality of life”.

We could not help but compare this study to our Houston LASIK population. 

The major differentiating factor is that our patients do not necessarily suffer from physical “pain” prior to surgery; however, they do deal with several drawbacks to their daily life because of their impaired vision. 

Some are scared to drive at night, some have issues attending social events due to the need for glasses, and several end up dealing with irritation, dryness or other serious conditions like corneal ulcers due to extended (or unapproved of) contact lens use.

Various roadblocks that come with impaired vision are not overly dramatic but have a huge impact on our day to day.

For example, if all of us had a nickel for every time we heard patient say to us at a LASIK evaluation: “I just want to wake up and see,” we would all be millionaires!

Patients wake up with their vision issues every morning, scouring their nightstands for glasses, or having to get up and find their way to their bathroom for their contacts. Another common issue we hear about is travel. Have you had to rethink your contact lens solution and whether it can go in your carry on due to TSA rules?

Has your contact lens ever torn while you are on vacation without a backup pair?

We can honestly say that based on the stories we hear from our happy LASIK patients, many, like with knee replacements, often wait too long to have vision correction surgery.  Many end up making it to us when it is too late and the procedure no longer makes sense due to the progression of presbyopia.

The knee replacement study also shared that there needs to be a “realistic assessment by each patient of what a new knee can really accomplish. If a person has surgery before the onset of severe or significant pain, the patient may not see enough improvement.”

Trying to tie that to our vision analogy, this would mean that until a patient has severe or significant vision loss, they may not see enough improvement with LASIK.  Luckily, this is not the case with a procedure like LASIK which shows significant improvement for patients who had “mild to moderate” vision loss as well as patients who have suffered severe vision loss.

LASIK gives the same “relief” to patients who have to feel their walls with both of their hands in the morning to find their way to the bathroom for their glasses, as well as the ones who just hate the travel headaches with contact solution.  

If you or a loved one is interested in LASIK, the best first step is to schedule a Free LASIK Screening at our office by calling us at 713-626-5544 or sending us a quick message at for more info. You will learn if you are a LASIK candidate, and can take the next big step to future happiness with better vision!