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Slade & Baker Vision Team

The day was February 26th, 2010.

Dr. Stephen Slade performed the very first LenSx Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery procedure in the USA.

This past February 26th, (almost one month ago) marked exactly 8 years of the longest experience performing the femtosecond laser cataract procedure which has now become the “norm” all around our country.

After the first procedure, Dr. Slade wrote an article which you can read here.

In it, he explained how for 15 years before that day in 2010, several companies had been trying to create a laser to assist in cataract surgery. He also shared his sentiments that after the first procedures he had just completed, he felt that they were “the beginning of what I believe will be the next evolution in refractive cataract surgery.”  And wow, was he right.

Slade & Baker Vision Team

For so many years, ophthalmology had the same, simple options for cataract patients. The “no stitch” cataract surgery was the latest and greatest…but when that date came which allowed for a laser to take the place of some manual steps with a blade, we were the first to take it!

Dr. Slade believed at the time that patients would benefit from a lower rate of complications during cataract surgery due to the femtosecond laser technology and from what he thought would yield improved refractive results.

The ability that the laser has to produce corneal incisions and capsulotomies that are “reproducible” allows surgeons now to optimize the artificial lens’ position. This allows for more effective management of the patients’ astigmatism and to reduce the induced astigmatism.

He stated at the time that future ophthalmologists would be able to make corneal astigmatic incisions with these lasers which guess what, now they are!

One of the most impactful things we noticed that day in Houston, was the overwhelming response from the first few patients. They were so positive and excited about their vision post surgery.  Although many of them believed there was always a laser in cataract surgery, they were extremely excited to know that they were part of history, and that they would be benefiting from this new technology.

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Per Dr. Slade’s words in his article, femtosecond refractive cataract surgery has become the preferred method for performing cataract surgery. Patients are excited and surgeons have found the procedure to be more precise!

We are happy to report that both Dr. Slade and Dr. Bennett Walton at our office have been very successful with all of our laser cataract procedures at our Slade & Baker Vision office in Houston.

We feel very proud to say this was our second BIG “first”.

Stay tuned for June 6th when we celebrate our FIRST U.S. LASIK procedure anniversary!

Please call us at 713-626-5544 if you have any questions about laser cataract surgery, how it works, how it is different from “standard” cataract surgery, or if you have been diagnosed with a cataract!