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In celebration of our technician Sonia’s birthday, we wanted to share this post about U2’s Bono and his life with glaucoma.

Sonia went to see U2 in Vancouver on her birthday, and just saw them again last week here in Houston. She’s a huge fan!

What many people don’t know is that U2’s lead singer, Bono, has lived with glaucoma for over 20 years.

Here are a few important facts we can learn from Bono about glaucoma.

First, glaucoma is something to monitor for, since people won’t know they have it. This is especially important if there’s a family history of glaucoma.

Second, the most common type of glaucoma is slow to progress but any damage is irreversible. Early detection is very important in stopping progression.

Third, most glaucoma patients maintain very good vision, and lowering the eye pressure with daily eye drops or a micro-invasive procedure can help prevent further vision loss in most patients.

Bono announced his diagnosis in 2014 after living with glaucoma for 20 years. Bono lives his life normally with some extra eye drops and a few eye doctor visits per year. U2 is on their Joshua Tree tour this year, and it doesn’t appear Bono has slowed down at all!

Slade & Baker Vision diagnoses, manages and treats glaucoma. We offer the latest glaucoma treatments which include micro-invasive options for those patients that would like to reduce their dependence on their eye drops. There is also an upcoming clinical trial for glaucoma patients that would be interested in a new micro-invasive glaucoma procedure to potentially lessen their dependence on drops.

Happy Birthday to our technician, Sonia! We know you had a great time seeing Bono live with U2 TWICE this year!