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Cyndi Lomax Cataract RN

Cyndi’s mother is 90 years old and has not had cataract surgery yet. Cyndi never thought she would have a cataract and that it would need to be removed so quickly.

What made Cyndi really feel the need to remove her cataracts?

“The two worse things I complained about were night driving and depth perception. Mostly going downstairs was difficult.”

As a former RK (radial keratotomy) patient Cyndi knew things would not be so easy or cut and dry for her. Cyndi is also a RN (Registered Nurse) and was being seen in Katy by her local eye doctor for her vision.

“My cataracts grew really quick and my vision decreased so quickly. Since my mom is 90 and hasn’t needed cataract surgery, I didn’t think this would happen to me.”

Because Cyndi is an RN, she started researching right away. I found that Dr. Bennett Walton wrote an article in February of 2021 about RK patients and the ideal patient for the new light therapy in these new lenses.

“Dr Walton knew what I wanted, the Light Adjustable Lens. And the office staff at Slade & Baker was wonderful. Sherilyn was amazing; not just good, but amazing. They answered all of my questions and didn’t dumb it down. They provided the type of customer service patients dream about and I can say that because I am in health care.”

On Cyndi’s actual surgery day she shared with us that she was anxious ahead of time and “I would say I was more a patient than a nurse that day. The team at Slade & Baker listened and could tell, they knew. It was truly amazing; I can’t say enough good about everybody there.”

“I shared with my local eye doctors in Katy, TX that anyone with high expectations for their vision (which should be everyone) should see Dr. Walton and Dr. Slade at Slade & Baker Vision for their vision surgeries.”

“With a son who is a robotic surgeon and being in medicine myself, I know the importance of how you treating patients like people and not a number. I feel like these doctors should be at the head of a directory of “doctors that REALLY care.” Cyndi L.

Every patient that walks through our doors with vision issues, and every single surgery patient means something to us. We try our very best to make sure they know they are not just a number and that we are invested in their outcomes and what their new vision will mean to their lives post surgery. We appreciate patients like Cyndi who are willing to share their experiences with future potential patients that may be searching for the right surgeon or just embarking on their vision surgery journeys.

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with a cataract or if you are experiencing blurry vision, please reach out to us by phone at 713-626-5544 or by email at to schedule your evaluation today.