Lasik surgery

Callie and Dr. Stephen Slade

Callie, an optician at a great optical and optometric practice in College Station, the Eye Care Center, had LASIK surgery with Dr. Stephen Slade on May 19th. Callie shared her entire journey with us on the Eye Care Center’s Instagram page, from pre op to post op, she walked us through her ‘Road to LASIK’.

Callie struggled with a really high prescription since she was a little girl, and as a busy mom of two precious children, she shard that not having to rely and depend on glasses and contacts would be a huge relief and game changer for her. ‘A dream come true that’s finally happening’ per her words on May 6th, just two weeks before her surgery!

Callie shared the process of how Dr. Belinda Dobson at Eye Care Center could help patients with their LASIK journeys as well.

Two weeks prior to her surgery, Callie said goodbye to her contact lenses! She was a -6.50 in her contact lenses!  At her LASIK Pre Op with Dr. Dobson, Dr. Dobson finalized that Callie was a candidate for LASIK and set up a game plan to prepare Callie for her surgery. She set Callie up on a dry eye routine several weeks prior to letting go of the contact lenses and pulled her out of contact lenses 2 weeks prior to surgery.

Callie wore glasses full time for those two weeks, and she shared this was BIG for her. She usually never left her house without her glasses as the thickness of her lenses were an insecurity to her, as we hear from so many of our patients!  With the end result being that she would NEVER have to deal with them again, Callie shared that the 2 weeks of thick glasses was ‘SO worth it’!

Prior to surgery, Callie also shared that Dr. Stephen Slade was the first surgeon in the United States to perform LASIK surgery in 1991 and that he is a renowned specialist in LASIK, cataract surgery, presbyopia correction, implantable contact lenses, corneal crosslinking, and all types of refractive surgery. “I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my eyes’ she shared!

May 19th finally arrived, and Callie spent her morning with us at our LASIK suite. We recorded her literally sitting up from her surgery and her reaction makes any viewer teary eyed. She shared this video on her ‘day of LASIK’ post with the caption ‘This video makes me cry every time! I woke up this morning with the SAME reaction! HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE, I CAN SEE!’

In the video you see our staff and Dr. Slade lifting Callie up from her seat and her first view of the world around her with her new eyes. She also sees her husband for the first time through the glass. (cue the tears)

‘This will forever be one of the best days of my life!’ Dr. Slade and his staff are literally the best, even holding my hands during the procedure! Everyone was so kind and equally as excited as me!  For those of you that don’t struggle with bad vision, feel very blessed! For those of you that do, I get it and I PRAY that one day you become a candidate for LASIK and you get to experience the exact emotions I did (and I’m still emotional about it).

Callie, we are so fortunate that your ROAD to LASIK guided you to us. We also feel fortunate that we could work with Dr. Dobson to make sure you were A okay prior to surgery and after during your post ops. She is such an incredible doctor to work with!  We feel just as emotional as you do when patients sit up from their chairs every week and see their new world surrounding them. Some of them never imagining it would ever be possible. It warms our hearts that you shared your experience as we know patients everywhere like to read about other LASIK patients and what to expect. Most importantly, we are so happy we could get you out of those lenses and thick glasses so that you could see your beautiful babies right when you wake up every morning.

Thank you for trusting us with your precious vision!