Cataract surgery houston

Top tips

We wanted to share with our patients and followers what the TOP things are that we think patients should know about Cataract Surgery specifically:

  1. Cataract surgery is usually a great time to focus on improving your entire vision, not just replacing the cloudy natural lens.  That’s why we often recommend advanced technology to fine-tune your vision (especially blur from astigmatism, which many people aren’t even aware they have) and give a fuller range of vision with lenses that have a fuller focal range than a basic replacement lens. For more info on all the lenses we provide at Slade & Baker Vision (and there are several), click here.
  2. Many people are surprised to learn they have mild or moderate dry eye, which can show up on our testing by giving wonky measurements.  The frequent use of screens for most people (computer, phone, tablet) likely plays a role here, and some people cannot feel the degree of dryness they may have. For more on Dry Eye, click here.
  3. Cataract surgery is intensely personalized:  all eyes are not the same, with respect to health, shape, healing limitations, etc.  Patients should generally not assume a friend’s cataract experience would be exactly like theirs. Here is a recent story about a cataract patient who had the Light Adjustable Lens.
  4. For most patients, we recommend getting cataract surgery from a surgeon trained in refractive surgery, because the high-detail specifics of hitting the target — whether it be distance vision, near vision, or full range of vision — are what we deal with and work through every day.

We know that #4 is so incredibly important, since patients want crisp, clear vision after cataract surgery, and since we are lucky enough to work with some of the BEST refractive surgeons on the planet, we are here to help you with your cataract surgery and post surgery visual goals!

Call us today at 713-626-5544 if you have blurry vision or have been diagnosed with a cataract; our surgeons are happy to provide you with all of your options and walk you through how we can help get your entire vision improved!