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Maggie Mac Neil Swimmer

Have you ever tried swimming in a pool with your contact lenses on?


We recently all related with an Olympic athlete (which does NOT happen often) from London, Ontario, Maggie Mac Neil, when we saw the image in this Daily Hive Article. We loved it so much, we shared the article along with thousands of others and we were not alone. The image of her squinting at that scoreboard was tweeted about multiple times as so many people can relate!

Being nearsighted myself, and having undergone LASIK over 10 years ago, I can sincerely sympathize with her, not so much on the Olympic athlete part (I wish) but on the issues that being myopic had on swimming, pools, beaches, traveling and summer in general!

It was pretty simple honestly.

Mac Neil chose to take her contact lenses out for her race, swam the 100m butterfly final in record time (55.59 seconds), and when she was done, could not see the screen or the other swimmers!

She found out she won the gold medal by listening to the speaker announce her name. She shared that she knew she did something right when her name was called!

Needless to say, although they seem superhuman with those medals around their necks, Olympic athletes deal with daily struggles, just like we do – and poor vision, glasses and contacts certainly make that list.

If you love to swim, but hate dealing with this issue, we can help get you ready for next summer, or what’s left of this one!

*Image and all rights belong to – Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Network

If you have any fun water adventures or beach vacations you have planned, don’t let your eyesight get in the way.  Even if it’s just to swim in your pool or take a dip in your hot tub!

We do get the question quite a bit – so to answer it up front, down time after LASIK/refractive surgery is not very long.  Feel free to read more about LASIK recovery on our LASIK page.

We also cover other very FREQUENTLY asked questions on that same LASIK page!

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