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Eighteen years after his procedures with Slade & Baker Vision Center, our team reached out to Mr. Oaks simply to wish him a happy birthday.  He shared that we had given him the best birthday present in 2003: his vision. We called him after his amazing and genuine reply, and he shared the following feedback about his procedure with us.  Since so many of our patients tell us that they value REAL patient experiences, we like to share them when we receive them.

Over 18 years ago, Mr. Oaks was being treated by ophthalmologists in his hometown of Austin, Texas, for corneal irregularities.  His wife had heard of Slade & Baker Vision Center in Houston and that they had been using lasers for these corneal issues, so after doing some research, and speaking to his eye care specialists in Austin, Mr. Oaks was referred to Slade & Baker for treatment.

In 2003, Mr. Oaks met with Dr. Stephen Slade at our office and received PTK for his corneal irregularities and then shortly thereafter underwent cataract surgery with the surgeons at SBVC.

PTK stands for Phototherapeutic Keratectomy which is a surgical procedure to manage different corneal diseases. The cornea is the outermost layer of our eyes and acts as a window that covers the front of our eye. PTK is a minor surgical treatment that removes a small outer layer of tissue from the cornea by using an excimer laser. The excimer laser is consistently also used in LASIK or refractive surgery as well. PTK is used to therapeutically treat diseases of the surface of the cornea or any injury to the cornea and is usually used after more traditional treatments have not been successful.

With both procedures, Mr. Oaks shared that Dr. Slade was extremely detailed and that his experience at our office could not have been better.

“The staff at Slade & Baker know that whoever walks through their doors is likely concerned and worried, it is their vision they are getting treated.”

Mr. Oaks shared that the front desk and the nurses work as a cohesive team and “they all concentrate on the patients. It’s evident they are giving the patients their best. You can tell as a patient that the morale is high. The staff members don’t take themselves so seriously, and you just get a great feeling in that office. Although they are joking and making patients comfortable, you can tell they are very serious about their work. It is so good to hear laughter at a doctor’s office.”

We oftentimes hear from current patients about their surgery experiences, but it is so refreshing to hear these words from a patient who saw us 18 years ago and who still remembers and cherishes his experience with us. Thank you to Mr. Oaks for sharing this with us.

If you or a loved one is suffering from any corneal disease or irregularity, or has been diagnosed with a cataract, please reach out to our team at 713-626-5544 or via email at We are happy to schedule you for an evaluation with our surgeons to give you the best options for your vision!