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Woman laying on a pillow

When you sleep, do you sleep really HARD on your pillows?  Are you a “pillow diver”?

Do you wake up with pillow sheet marks or creases on your face?

Our eyelids are very gentle, and we have learned that apparently ‘pillow divers’ tend to do the following:

  • accidentally rub their eyes which can technically change their prescriptions
  • often sleep so hard that the pressure of the pillows pries their eyelids open a little. This in turn dries out their eyes more.  While we sleep, our bodies are intended to use that time as a ‘restful rehab’ so our eyes can be closed after a long day of use. For many of us that daily use is made up of many hours of screen time which is another source of drying out our eyes, so sleep is truly necessary.

A major note to keep in mind is that A LOT of people with dry eyes do not feel it.  This means that many of the Dry Eye patients we diagnose in our office don’t come in because they feel the symptoms of dry eye – many come in because they “see” it through their vision not being as crips as it should be.  If you sleep this ‘hard’ you may be suffering from dry eye and not necessarily ‘feel it’ – you may just ‘see’ it.

Is your sleep causing your eyes to be dry, in turn causing your vision to be blurry or causing your eyes to feel sandy/gritty or irritated?

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