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Slade & Baker Vision Handwritten Letter

Nothing makes us happier than happy patients, except when they send us a handwritten, heartfelt, personal letter.

This patient just had cataract surgery with Dr. Walton and chose the Advanced Custom Vision Package.  We are including a photo of her beautifully written note to Dr. Walton and the text below that.

November 7th

Dear Dr. Walton, It has been four weeks now since I had my other eye taken care of by you. I love my new eyes! What a remarkable difference it has made in my life.  Driving is a breeze when you can see where you are going! Continue your wonderful work – I already have some people ready to see you!  Best Regards

Thank you to all of our patients who write us, email us, call us and even go online to review us to share their happy experiences with our surgeons.  This is what gets us up and inspired in the morning to go to work and do our jobs every day!