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Slade & Baker Vision

We recently posted a blog about the importance of picking the right sunglasses.

In that article we touched on the protection needed from UV rays and we also mentioned that all of the lens options that we provide at Slade & Baker Vision for both cataract surgery and lens replacement surgery have built in UV filters.

Did you know that UV light can also be used in constructive, positive ways by good chemistry and engineering?

We are so happy to be able provide the Light Adjustable Lens technology now for our cataract patients.  The Light Adjustable Lens is a cataract replacement lens that can be adjusted with UV light to the best customization possible.  It is the first lens of its kind to be FDA approved.

If you have questions about the light adjustable lens, please feel free to read more about this option in our recent blog post here.

If you’ve been diagnosed with a cataract and would like the most advanced technology out there as well as an option to have lenses that can adjust to light, please call us at 713-626-5544!