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Dr. Stephen Slade

Congratulations does not suffice! We could not be MORE PROUD at this moment.

Our superstar Dr. Stephen Slade was named one of the TOP 100 Most Powerful People in Ophthalmology in 2016!

This list names some incredibly influential surgeons and researchers. We have always known Dr. Slade was a HUGE deal…we are just so happy this list shared what we have known with the rest of the world!

This list is put together to name and recognize the Top 100 most influential people in the world of Ophthalmology.

At SBVC, we always knew just how awesome he was…but are you interested in hearing the reasons why he was named to this very short list?

We are used to every eye device, laser, drop, lens, treatment, procedure company knocking on our door to spend some time with him.  We are also used to the many trophies, frames, certificates and awards in our office with his name engraved.

We are also used to the many books lining our walls that Dr. Slade has written, published or been a part of.

This list takes all of those things into account. But one thing that we hope many people understand is that Dr. Slade is a leader.

He is undoubtedly one of the most incredible surgeons in the world; but also an innovator, a researcher, and always interested in what is coming NEXT in the field. This is the reason he is asked to speak everywhere in the country and around the WORLD on various developments and research.

There are many good ophthalmologists out there, but this list truly takes into account what makes anyone in the field POWERFUL.

To name a few POWERFUL moments: Dr. Slade was the first surgeon in the United States to perform LASIK. He was also the first surgeon in the US to perform Femtosecond LASER Cataract surgery!  He was also the first to implant many of the multifocal intraocular lenses that surgeons everywhere use today for cataract surgery

Dr. Slade has led every step of the way in ophthalmology from cataracts to refractive surgery to corneal crosslinking trials that just got approved (see our last blog post and how he was asked to speak to the FDA about why this approval was important!). We can’t even come close to naming all of the firsts.

This is true power in a medical field and this is why we truly feel that there is no one more deserving of this honor.

Dr. Slade has made a difference in the lives of everyone who has worked with him, in research, in the field of ophthalmology globally, but in what he finds the most important: the lives of his patients.

Our most excited CONGRATULATIONS goes out today as we hope he truly takes a moment to realize what he has done for so many people’s most important sense…so far and in the future!

Click this link for the full list!

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