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We like to keep our patients and friends up to date on the latest and greatest in the world of refractive surgery and LASIK!

Breaking News: Our Doctors at Slade & Baker Vision Center were involved in an FDA Trial that received the best ever results seen in an FDA LASIK Trial to date!

We were involved in this FDA Trial as one of the lead investigators, the only site in Texas AND we were the first group in the US to offer these treatments below.

We were also part of the faculty in the introductory program broadcasted across the country for doctors.

Contoura™ is the first and only LASIK treatment to treat the individual variances in the surface of the patients cornea. It’s truly like having a custom suit made for you.

Tens of thousands of bits of information are used to generate a custom treatment for each patient.

We wanted to share some highlights below:

  • Improvement in patient vision symptoms
  • At 12 months, fewer patients reported light sensitivity, difficulty driving at night, reading difficulty, and glare than PREOP! In other words, as a group, they had better quality of vision with less symptoms.
  • Contoura™ Vision outperformed even glasses and contacts
  • 98.4% of patients said they would have the procedure again, a very high satisfaction rate.•Post hoc analysis showed post operative UCVA improvement over baseline BSCVA in over 30% of eyes. 30% saw better with nothing after surgery than they ever saw with glasses before surgery.
  • Stands alone in refractive precision
  • 92.6% saw 20/20
  • 64.8% saw 20/16, a line better than 20/20
  • 34.4% saw 20/12.5, 2 lines better than 20/20

Below are two treatment plans for the same eye.

Please observe the Contoura, on the right, is far more specific than the regular older software on the left.

We are so excited to report the news about these trials at our office and urge you to come see us for a vision correction evaluation!

You never know what you are eligible for and how much your life can change after surgery. We have so many different available options for you and our doctors always are on the cutting edge of technology with new refractive options you don’t see everywhere.

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