Slade & Baker Vision

The FDA has passed TCAT LASIK software, the newest, and we believe the best, LASIK for many people.
While TCAT LASIK has been approved and used in Europe and the rest of the world for years, it is now available at Slade & Baker Vision Center.
TCAT is a true custom treatment, based on the topography or exact shape of the patient’s own cornea, rather than a glasses prescription.
TCAT uses tens of thousands of data points to construct a custom treatment plan specifically for your eye.
The doctors here at Slade & Baker Vision Center were the investigators for the FDA trial and have therefore had years of experience with topography-based LASIK. The results that we obtained in our trial were the best to ever pass through the FDA.
We also believe this software has benefits for patients that have not been LASIK candidates in the past or have had previous LASIK, PRK or RK.
As always, we offer free screening consultations to our patients so you can see if TCAT is an option for you. If you are interested, please call our office at 713-626-5544!