Dr. Bennett Walton

‘I’m happy’ is an understatement. My life is completely changed!

When you start wearing glasses at 8 years old, you get really used to dealing with vision problems by the time you turn 48.

Mrs. Miller’s vision just got worse and worse after her 8th birthday.

She was put into soft contact lenses, then had to throw them out and was put into gas permeable lenses. When her gas permeable lenses started to bother and then really hurt her, she was told that due to her eyes being green, they were extra sensitive.  After all, she wore them for 6-7 hours during the day at work. She would go home and put her glasses on.

It got to the point that she would wear them for 4 hours and switch into her glasses. It was something she had to think about every single day of her life. But if she switched to soft contacts, she would lose the sharpness, so she hit a major crossroads.

All of a sudden, two years ago, Mrs. Miller could not see up close anymore. “It felt like it happened overnight!”

She had to buy reading glasses and ask her daughter to help her read the labels on the food products when they were at the grocery store.

She was placed into a bifocal contact but the contacts were bothersome. This is when Mrs. Miller’s supervisor told her “the best doctor in Houston is in this same office building.”

Mrs. Miller came to see us and made an appointment with Dr. Bennett Walton at our office. She explained to us that she felt it was dangerous for her to drive unless the sun was directly overhead. Dr. Walton determined she had glare from her cataracts, although she was extremely young for cataracts.

Dr. Walton shared that “she also was extremely nearsighted, and nearsighted people usually develop cataracts earlier.”

Due to her past vision issues, Dr. Walton sent Mrs. Miller to a retinal specialist to take a look and double check that she was okay for cataract surgery. She feels that “Dr. Walton explained what was happening to my eye, what they would do, everything was explained to me in great detail.”

She had her cataract surgery on a Wednesday, and that Thursday morning “I woke up and oh my God! I can see! My life was completely changed. I’m elated. I’m happy is an understatement!”

Now, for the first time in 40 years, Mrs. Miller does not need glasses.  Dr. Walton was able to correct both her cataracts and her very high nearsightedness.

“Dr. Walton is so wonderful. He has called me to check on me, I can’t sing their praises enough. I had gone elsewhere first for this surgery but I didn’t have confidence in that group. With Dr. Walton, I knew from the get-go!”

We love to hear from our patients that become glasses-free, but it is always so much more meaningful coming from those who have been in glasses since they were little kids! Thank you Mrs. Miller, we are so happy Dr. Walton was able to change your life!

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