Woman reading a book using binoculars

“You can get a hearing aid, but you can’t replace your sight.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

David Mills has been wearing contacts and glasses all his life.

Five years ago, he had LASIK and was corrected to have monovision. He had his right eye corrected to see distance, and his left eye was corrected for crisp, near vision so he could see things up close.

After LASIK, he only wore glasses while driving at night to help because of blurry vision and halos around lights.

Last year, while he was in Europe, he noticed his eyes were “going dry” and he had a problem focusing.

At his next vision appointment, he was told he had cataracts. In November, he scheduled his right eye cataract surgery first with the new Laser Cataract Surgery procedure and he chose a multifocal lens.

He noticed after surgery that his left eye felt more blurry, which is very normal because the other eye is corrected! He also some blurriness in the right eye (surgery eye) and at his post op appointment, the doctors noted that he had developed a “secondary” cataract in his right eye which caused him to feel blurry in both.

Secondary cataracts are very common and they are corrected with something called a Yag capsulotomy which is a quick, in-office, laser procedure that takes less than a couple minutes!

In January, David had his 3 month follow up where the had this YAG procedure in his right eye and laser cataract surgery in his left eye, also with a multifocal lens.

Multifocal lenses are amazing options for patients have cataract surgery. You can read more about them visiting our Multifocal IOL page.

What we find most compelling about his story is what David shared with us about making his decision.

“It was so easy to work with the office from a scheduling perspective” I spent time with all 4 doctors. There is always a sense of professionalism but they are knowledgeable enough to break it down into pieces so someone that’s not an MD can understand. This is so important and so great for me or anyone to be able to make an informed decision. It reduces fear and anxiety. I happen to be very analytical and I ask three times as many questions as anyone else. They were never looking at their watch, and answered all of my questions. It was more of a conversation back and forth and made me so much more comfortable.”

David shared that it was obvious that “training is very well enforced because the office staff is really friendly, smiles and says hello.”

We cannot thank David more for the amazingly kind things he wanted to share about our office. Everything he told us was humbling. We always love hearing from our patients but hearing that the work we put in day to day at the office pays off, and people notice? Now, that is fulfilling.

It isn’t just about surgery and lenses and how you see after surgery.

The whole thing from the moment you get your diagnosis to the moment you leave your last post operative appointment, is all about comfort and the experience.

We know there is a formula for all of this and we work really hard to make sure every patient walks out of the office feeling confident in our doctors and happy during their time with us.

Because just like David put it when explaining his surgery decision to us. “You only have two eyes!”

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