Dr. Slade

“If I had another eye to give you I would!”

Ms. Nancy Hamner saw her regular eye doctor every year in the beautiful Woodlands, Texas. As the mother of an optometrist, her vision was always something she considered and took good care of.  She started to notice she couldn’t see street signs the same, but her vision issues didn’t seem really serious until she went on her yearly summer road trip with her husband in their motor home.

Usually considered the co-pilot, Ms. Hamner found she could not read the street signs to her husband while he was driving the motor home, not even during the day…

This led her back to her regular optometrist who tried to prescribe her some glasses. When these glasses were not enough and she still found herself squinting, her doctor finally explained that it was time for surgery and she sent her to Dr. Slade.

To make a long story short, Ms. Hamner mentioned that in their demeanor and gentle way of speaking, Drs. Slade and Baker were from beginning to end, calming, soothing, and made her feel “so relaxed.” Everything was explained from her first consultation to her last post operative visit where she was found to be 20/20 in her first eye and 20/30 in her second. This was the day after surgery!

She was nervous about the look of her eye after surgery as well as some sensitivity to light, but all was explained in a manner which made her feel comfortable and at ease.  She claims that she could not sing their praises any further and that if she had another set of eyes, she would gladly give them to us for surgery!

This bring up an important point. A surgeon’s skill in the operating room is undeniably important. However, many ophthalmic surgeons are able to be trained and do amazing work.  After medical school, residency training and all the day to day experience, these surgeons can undoubtedly fix a patient’s vision.

That is not what this experience is about. This is about the part that cannot be trained. This is about the innate ability for a surgeon with impeccable skill to be able to communicate with a patient and make them feel relaxed, confident and completely ready for surgery while sitting in their chair. Many patients would be surprised to find out how many offices and doctors out there do not do this well.

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