As you all know, we usually don’t take the time to sit in front of our computers and actually write a review when we had a GOOD experience.

We usually only take the time to login, create a username/password and type (very loudly and strongly) when we are MAD, ANGRY or feel like we were treated badly somewhere, whether it be a restaurant, doctors office or wherever.

We are happy to report that our happy patients have been sharing experiences with us that are not only positive but so beautiful.  Their words make us realize why we wake up and do what we do every day.

Helping Houston one eye at a time! Please read below for a fabulous Yelp review from one of our wonderful patients.

December 28, 2014

I had my LASIK procedure done a few weeks ago and the difference in my vision is like night and day! I had gone to several different doctors looking for information on LASIK surgery and always left feeling confused and SCARED! My friend recommended me to Dr. Slade so I decided to give it a shot and made my appointment for my free screening. The staff at the office was so nice and helpful! From the first phone call to my most recent post op appointment. Dr. Baker was so patient and informative and the counselors, Delfina and Tami, were always available to help me with my million questions. Dr. Slade explained exactly what he was going to do and made me feel totally at ease.

Surgery day was a breeze and I left thinking “Why did I wait”? I guess I was just waiting to find the right doctors!

Thank you Dr. Slade and Dr. Baker!