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We have written many  blogs about patient experiences at our office.

Patient LASIK experiences, Patient Laser Cataract Experiences, Patient’s experiences with clinical trials we are conducting…but after doing our research, none of the blogs have been viewed as much as the ones regarding personal friends.  We posted one a couple years back about the horrors of a friend sleeping in her contacts. Believe it or not, that is our highest viewed blog to date.

Why is this?  Because perhaps, you, as our potential patient, can relate to these experiences.  So here is a shot at a VERY personal experience regarding LASIK.

I myself had LASIK 5 years ago.  I wore contacts and could potentially be considered the worst patient imaginable due to my lack of willingness to change the solution in my case.  I hope Dr. Slade is not reading this.

When that day came, I went in a little more nervous than most of you out there would.  Why?  Because I had watched LASIK time and time again and having worked in ophthalmology offices, had seen the mistakes that other surgeons had made with patients that come through the door to get fixed by Dr. Slade.  I had all the confidence in the world that I was in the RIGHT hands, so when it came time, I said, MY TURN.

I get asked on a daily basis, “Would you do it again?” And I always have the same response.  Would you get your leg fixed if it was broken?  It’s that easy.  My vision was broken.  I use my eyes more than I use my legs, as crazy as it sounds, think about all you miss out on day to day without your vision.

If you have at your disposal, the surgeon who was the FIRST ever to perform LASIK in the United States, why would you even think twice.  Not only is Dr. Slade the first to have performed the procedure, he has also been the first to run trials for many of the lasers available and many amazing pieces of equipment in ophthalmology.  He has the best of the best lasers for both parts of the custom LASIK procedure (to read more visit our LASER Vision page) and he is able to determine which one of those lasers would be best for your eyes.  Remember our corneas are almost like fingerprints, no two are the same.

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if you need your vision corrected, there is no doubt you will do it again.

Remember, summer is flying by, get it done while you still have some time!