Dr. Baker

On August 6th, 2015, Ms. Janet had her second Laser Cataract Surgery with Dr. Slade.She had waited a long 3 months since May for eye number 2 as she had eye number 1 (her left eye) done on May 27th this year.Before surgery, she had bad distance vision and did not drive at night anymore because the glare was bothering her so much.She went in to her optometrist’s office in the Vision Source in Atascocita to get her eyes checked. Her doctor explained to her that she had a cataract.  When she picked up her last pair of glasses, she remembers thinking “These are definitely not MY glasses!”She said the lens in her left eye was so thick it made her look like “Mr. McGoo”!These glasses were the icing on the cake for Ms. Janet, and she then decided, this isn’t going to work.  She quickly made an appointment with our office as her optometrist, the wonderful Dr. Janet Block, referred her to Dr. Slade for an evaluation.When she came in she shares with us that everyone was so nice at the office, specifically, Dr. Richard Baker: “It was his demeanor and his overall personality.  He is so calm, so very kind.  He seemed to be truly interested in my vision and explained thoroughly how the surgery works, what I was going to see and how I would be able to see after my surgery.”We never get tired of hearing this about Dr. Baker, because day in and day out, we know how hard he works at making sure patients truly understand what is going on with their vision pre and post operatively.  It is so important because just as Ms. Janet pointed out “It was truly intimidating, it being your eyes you are having surgery on.  You only get one pair of eyes…and that’s it!”Ms. Janet had both of her laser cataract surgeries successfully and chose a premium multifocal lens, which she is very happy with.She shared with me that she has not worn glasses since her first surgery in May! What a success story.“I couldn’t be happier.  I am looking out the window right now and everything looks like it’s supposed to look.  Putting makeup on in the bathroom mirror, everything is so bright.”When I asked Ms. Janet what she has noticed most after surgery she shared:“The brightness, color and sharpness of everything has changed.  The world is just a much brighter place now.”We love helping our patients see better and to hear in their words that the world is brighter because of what we wake up and come to work to do every day, it’s truly a rewarding feeling.  Thank you for sharing your experience with us Ms. Janet.If you or a loved one are experiencing blurry vision, please call us at

to come in for an evaluation today!  You will be in great hands. Visit our website for more information about Laser Cataract Surgery.