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We all know sunlight can definitely affect our skin (i.e. wrinkles, sun spots, moles, skin cancer, etc.). However, did you know it could also really affect your eyes?

Along with causing growths on the white part of your eyes (pingueculae, pterygiums), sunlight can also damage your retina and cause cataracts.

Most of us just think a nice looking pair of sunglasses will do the trick to protect our eyeballs. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In fact, bad sunglasses can sometimes be worse than no sunglasses at all!

Dr. Slade was featured on ABC local news on Saturday, June 2, 2012 and he spoke about this very important topic.

Click on the link below to see what Dr. Slade had to say regarding eye protection and UV rays when he was featured on ABC:

As it starts to warm up outside, we start thinking about SPF, moisturizers and what to wear by the pool. The doctors and staff at Slade & Baker Vision Center urge you to remember your eyes and your vision. So next time you go outside, make sure you are wearing the right pair of shades!
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