Slade & Baker Vision

When Mr. A first shared his story with me, the first thing I noticed was where he lives.

Driving from Jackson, Mississippi to Houston, Texas, takes 7 hours each way and Mr. A did this several times. This said it all.

But his story makes his determination to fix his eyes pretty clear.


Mr. A has always been extremely nearsighted at -18 diopters!

He wore hard contact lenses since he was 11 years old

He was in bottlecap glasses at 5 years old

His story:

A couple years ago, Mr. A had cataract surgery on his left eye in Mississippi. This surgery did not go well and Mr. A shared his story about how his eye actually hurt during surgery. It is important to note that cataract surgery should not hurt. Technology has progressed past this and there are so many safe, comfortable and exciting options for the procedures available today. That being said, Mr. A found himself with what he terms “triple vision” in that eye.

Due to his unsuccessful first surgery, Mr. A did some research through a family member in the medical field who knew about ophthalmologists and he was instructed to go to Slade & Baker Vision in Houston, Texas because if anyone could fix his bad result in eye surgery, it would be the doctors there.

So Mr. A got in his car and drove 7 hours.

That day in that car – “I had nothing to lose” he shared. He first needed some treatments for a lid infection and once that was resolved, our surgeons fixed his vision with a laser in one try. He shared that his favorite thing about our office was that every time he arrived, he was taken by our technicians and tested prior to seeing Dr. Walton. He never had to wait 30 minutes past his appointment time like he is made to wait at other offices. “They got me right in and ready for the doctor, it was a matter of minutes. I could see when I left the office and the next day, I was clear.”

After a year, Mr. A drove those 7 hours again, but this time for surgery in his right eye. “There was no comparison. My eye hurt in Mississippi and there was absolutely no pain with surgery at all. The process was you’re in, you’re out. When I got to my hotel after surgery, I could already see and my vision was only a little cloudy. The next day after my follow up, we headed to Galveston to get something to eat for lunch on the beach and I could see.” As someone who enjoys scuba diving, he cannot wait to get back down under the ocean now that his vision is so crisp.

“I wouldn’t go anywhere else for cataract surgery. I have recommended Slade & Baker Vision to all my friends because he is nice, courteous, straightforward, honest and my experience could not have been better at Slade & Baker. I can see better than I have ever seen in my life; my vision is more sharp and more in focus. I wake up in the middle of the night and I can see.”

We are so happy that Mr. A drove those 7 hours that day and that our doctors could help him with his vision. We hope he enjoys his scuba diving so much more now with his new eyes!

We are also extremely proud of all the amazing things Mr. A said about our practice experience because we take our patients’ experiences very seriously.

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with a cataract, please call us at 713-626-554 so we can help you!