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When patients get tired of wearing glasses and contacts after years and years of it being their ‘norm’ they come to us for solutions.

Our vision is sacred, and we know stories like this help our patients learn about what is out there and what can potentially help them so we like to share them whenever we can!

When Shaan shared his story with us, one of the first things he said was ‘I’ve worn glasses since the second grade’.

We are used to hearing this on a daily basis here at Slade & Baker Vision.

Shaan was referred to Dr. Bennett Walton at our office by his optometrist, Dr. Dipak Kalani at Vision Source Shadow Creek.

Shaan had gone to see Dr. Kalani to say he was ready for LASIK, but when Dr. Kalani sent him for diagnostic testing and a full evaluation, our team noted that he had a high prescription and that unfortunately there was not enough tissue for him to be a LASIK candidate. There are several aspects to being a ‘LASIK candidate’ and when there is not enough tissue for the procedure, it becomes too risky.

This is when Dr. Walton shared the option of the EVO ICL.

Shaan said “The doctor shared that I could have something that is like a permanent contact lens. At first, I thought I would feel it in my eye for the rest of my life but then they explained that I wouldn’t, and that one of the benefits of ICL was that it is actually a removable procedure unlike LASIK”.

On the day of surgery Shaan stated that the nurses were great and all the staff ‘kept me calm throughout the procedure. There were a lot of jokes.  They told me that it would be a pretty quick recovery process.”

Shaan also shared that post procedure there “was zero pain and I could see a day later.” A pretty incredible note is that Shaan was able to do a 26-hour drive only 2 weeks after surgery and could see amazingly the whole way.”

We have heard many patients refer to ICL as High-Definition vision.

Very recently, ICL has gained some popularity due to celebrities and highly recognized individuals sharing their own ICL experiences, like Joe Jonas.  We have noticed in our own patients that come in asking about ICL instead of asking for LASIK and being told about this option by us.

Shaan concluded by sharing “Honestly this is better than anything I could have imagined.” We are so thrilled that Shaan had such a great experience with his ICL surgery, and we love to share patient experiences like this with potential patients who are looking at options for ditching their glasses and who are interested in refractive surgery.

If you would like to have an evaluation and see what your options are for getting out of contacts or glasses, please contact us at info@visiontexas.com or call us at 713-626-5544!