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****Please note that this blog post contains themes more mature than our typical blog post.  Our goal in this post is to communicate clearly and specifically without being inappropriate.****

One of the frequently asked questions after LASIK or cataract surgery is:  “Can I have sex after surgery?”

It’s a question that many ask, but even more wonder.  Most people are too embarrassed to ask this question to the doctors and staff and are left to search online for answers! We are here to help.

The answer depends on what kind of surgery is performed.  Here is a general summary for when you can safely resume sexual activity after different kinds of eye surgery.

When can I have sex after LASIK or other Vision Correction Surgery?

With LASIK, there are two main concerns regarding sex.

First, we don’t want anything to touch the eyes, so that the protective LASIK flap heals nicely into place.  Use of the flap is the reason for the quick visual recovery.  Any activity that risks the eye getting bumped or rubbed should be avoided. We even worry about patients sleeping and rubbing their eyes in their sleep after LASIK.

Second, water, dirt, or sweat should not get in the eyes.  Generally, a week of caution surrounding sex is probably enough for LASIK, SMILE or PRK.

When can I have sex after Cataract Surgery?

Whether you are a cataract patient of Dr. Slade or Dr. Walton, the main concerns are avoiding eye rubbing and straining.

Avoiding straining is important because activities like bending over or lifting moderate to high weight can increase the pressure inside the eye in a way that isn’t healthy for the healing of the incisions.  As a result, as long as it doesn’t involve straining or supporting another person’s weight, resuming sexual activity 5 days after surgery should be fine.

After 4 weeks, all restrictions are lifted.

When can I have sex after a Corneal Transplant?

Dr. Slade performs minimally invasive DMEK (Descemet’s membrane endothelial keratoplasty) for conditions including Fuchs’ dystrophy and other failures of the corneal endothelium, or inner lining of the front windshield of the eye.  An air or gas bubble is used to hold the new transplanted cells in place, and this requires lying on one’s back, face-up for the first 24 to 48 hours.  Straining is also unwise.  We recommend no partnered sexual activity for one week after DMEK.

After 4 weeks, all restrictions are lifted.

When can I have sex after Retina Surgery?

This is a great question. You should ask your retina surgeon, as some retina surgeries involve using gas inside the eye and require face-down positioning for a specific amount of time.

If you have the question, “When can I have sex after eye surgery?” and the specific eye surgery isn’t addressed above, please feel free to ask our eye doctorsYou can email any questions to or give us a call at 713-626-5544!