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ICL closeup

Last week marked an exciting moment in ophthalmology, the FDA approved a new version of the previously approved Implantable Collamer Lens or “ICL”.

The new version that just got approved is a TORIC ICL which is used to treat patients that have an astigmatism along with myopia.

The Visian toric implantable Collamer lens, which is made by STAAR Surgical, is a toric model intended for the correction of myopic astigmatism in adults aged 21 to 45 years old.

The ICL has been a very successful LASIK option for 13 years.  We have treated many patients with this over LASIK due to various reasons. To read all there is to know about the ICL, visit our ICL page.

This is an extra exciting announcement for us to make as we are so proud that our practice, Slade & Baker Vision in Houston was involved in the FIRST clinical trial that gained original FDA approval for the very first ICL, and Dr. Stephen Slade was the medical monitor!  He was involved in the actual presentation to the FDA!

ICL Background:

So when would you choose ICL over LASIK?

Great question – many times it is because your myopia is very high, aka…

Reason #1 – you have a high prescription.  LASIK laser devices are only indicated to treat up to a certain number of refraction.  LASIK is approved for prescriptions up to -12, but depending on a lot of factors, surgeons may not suggest LASIK if you are over -8.  If you are in those high numbers, it probably means you are dying for an option, and you most likely would be more of an ICL candidate than a LASIK candidate.

Reason #2 – you have dry eyes. We highly recommend the ICL procedure for our patients that have significantly dry eyes.

Reason #3 – you have thin corneas. As we have shared, thin corneas are one of the largest reasons patients are NOT considered LASIK candidates at our office. Well, they still have an option with the ICL.

Reason #4 – Another reason some choose ICL is due to the fact it is “reversible“.  Some of our patients like the fact that you can actually remove the ICL’s if for whatever reason they change their mind down the road.

Now, with the TORIC ICL approval, we can provide this option to patients who have one of the above reasons PLUS an astigmatism.

So if you are interested in LASIK options, have an astigmatism, or fall into any of the above categories and want to hear more, please call our office at 713-626-5544 for a complimentary evaluation!

For a helpful visual about what Visian ICL is, take a peek at this video: