Lasik surgery


If you are looking for a major gift, one that someone will remember you for every day they open their eyes, look no further!

Some of those special people we think we know BEST in our lives, daughter, son, wife, husband, whomever, are the HARDEST to shop for. On this day and at this time of year, we are all searching for something to set our gift apart.

If you are thinking of a high-end gift or one that you know will help them, and they have myopia (aka the are farsighted) – why not give them the gift of LASIK or refractive surgery?

Skip the purse, the wallet, the shoes, the luxury stuff this year that you do every year and think ‘outside the box’ for something really life changing!

If you haven’t saved up quite enough, you can always offer to pay for a portion of it.

Regardless, if they are thinking about it and you know they would benefit from it, it will be the gift that keeps on giving.

Many of our patients get LASIK gifted as a college graduation gift or a gift from loved ones or family, so you wouldn’t be alone. And now is the time as everyone is looking for good, different gift ideas!

Don’t hesitate to call our office at 713-626-5544 or write us at for more information or how we can help deliver the ‘SURPRISE’!