Lasik surgery

Fit woman running

We get quite a bit of questions from our LASIK patients and prospective LASIK patients that we enjoy answering.  Some just come up A LOT so we thought it would be helpful to answer those really, really frequent questions in some mini blogs.

So let’s start with…

If I have Lasik, when can I go back to the gym?

There is a pretty short answer to this question.

With regard to exercise – there are two main goals after LASIK:

  • Do NOT get any sweat in your eyes for the first week, and
  • Avoid anything rubbing or bumping your eyes for the first 4 weeks

A couple other notable notes: Stay away from intense outdoor workouts with sawdust or mud.

Cardio lover? Are you a runner?

We asked Dr.  Bennett Walton and he shared:

“Running outside is fine after a week, probably wear sunglasses to prevent anything from blowing into your eyes.”

If you have any questions about this answer, or if you have any other LASIK questions, our team is more than happy to answer them.  Why not make a free LASIK consultation appointment and get all your questions answered along with a quote?

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