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Woman checking her phone outside

Have you noticed itchier eyes?  Redder eyes?  Could they be due to a longer allergy season?

It’s been a warm 2019, and the results are an earlier flowering season than normal for spring allergies, and a high pollen count due to the hot summer.  A hot, hot summer will mean a longer allergy season. If it’s hotter, our plants will have MORE time to flower, and our trees will let go of more pollen.

What does this mean to us? More patients in our office complaining of ocular allergy symptoms.

Our doctors have to explain to them that there is a connection between a longer, hotter summer and respiratory and allergy symptoms.

Also, it’s important to mention that allergies can combine with both dry eyes and digital eye strain which you get from smart phones, and this in turn will create a VERY tough environment for your eyes and vision.

Have you noticed your ocular allergies getting worse?

If you have, do not hesitate to contact our office and we can help you with any of the above at 713-626-5544!

*This image is a visual example of what digital eye strain, dry eyes and/or ocular allergies can do to your vision! This is potentially what our city would look like.