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Dr. Walton And Dr. Slade

Today is an exciting day at Slade & Baker Vision!  I’m happy to announce a guest blogger today, our own Dr. Bennett Walton.  He specifically asked if he could write this post himself, and how could I say no?!


At the recent meeting of the American-European Congress of Ophthalmic Surgery, which was held in Utah, Dr. Stephen Slade was given yet another high honor.  Dr. Slade received the AECOS Visionary Award.  If you’ve ever been to our office in Houston, you may have noticed the award display.  Dr. Slade’s awards are numerous and impressive.

This award is very fitting for Dr. Slade.  If you’ve read his bio, you’re aware of his history in the development of LASIKLaser Cataract Surgery, and many other technologies and lenses.  Innovation is at the core of his professional mission.

All of us at Slade & Baker are proud to work with Dr. Slade, and there was one distinct aspect of the award that stood out to me.  When AECOS presents the Visionary Award, the recipient is asked to speak about a topic related to innovation.  The topics are often fascinating, and previous reward recipients have touched on various topics meant to inspire other surgeons and industry leaders toward a future of better sight for patients around the world.

What was Dr. Slade’s talk entitled?  The Patient Perspective.  Out of all the possible topics on which he would easily be considered an internationally renowned expert, he chose the patient perspective.  Giving example after example, he reinforced the unchanging reality that the only successes that we have as surgeons and entrepreneurial innovators have are based upon patient satisfaction and quality of life.

At Slade & Baker Vision, the whole team and I are very proud of what we get to do every day.  The day Dr. Slade was given the Visionary Award and then immediately turned the focus back to patients, I was even more proud than usual.

O. Bennett Walton, MD

Drs. Walton and Slade after Dr. Slade was given the 2019 Visionary Award by the American-European Congress of Ophthalmic Surgery.

Dr. Slade accepting the 2019 Visionary Award at the American-European Congress of Ophthalmic Surgery.