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Are your glasses waiting on your nightstand in the morning? Read about how LASIK was the best gift I have ever received.

Without those glasses, Marc would not be able to make it to the bathroom. Obviously a frustrating routine for anyone, the one thing that really bothered him the most was the thought that he could not even recognize his own daughters without his glasses or his contacts.

Read more about how LASIK was the best gift Marc ever received.

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“The world is a much brighter place now” – Laser Cataract Patient shares her surgery experience

Before surgery, Ms. Janet had bad distance vision and did not drive at night anymore because the glare was bothering her so much. She said the lens in her left eye was so thick it made her look like “Mr. McGoo”!
These glasses were the icing on the cake for Ms. Janet, and she then decided, this isn’t going to work. She quickly made an appointment with our office to come in for a cataract evaluation.

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