Marc has been wearing glasses since he was a little boy.  Everyone who is close to Marc now knows that before 2 weeks ago, he could not see without glasses or contact lenses.

Now in his 40’s, Marc’s morning routine began the same way every single day. When he would wake up his glasses were on his nightstand where he left them and he would have to put them on immediately to get to the bathroom where his contact lenses were awaiting.  From there on out, he would start his day.

Without those glasses, he would not be able to make it to the bathroom.  Obviously a frustrating routine for anyone, the one thing that really bothered him the most was the thought that he could not even recognize his own daughters without his glasses or his contacts.

It just so happened that Marc’s uncle Greg had asked around in Austin, TX for a vision correction recommendation about a year before Marc made a vision decision for himself. Uncle Greg was pointed in Dr. Slade’s direction for his own vision when Marc’s aunt had become his seeing eye dog.  Uncle Greg could not see anything before his surgery and as a newspaper editor for several years, the loss of his sight was tragic.

Marc’s father accompanied Marc to Houston for his LASIK surgery with Dr. Slade at Slade & Baker Vision Center.

What they both distinctly remember is the moment when they were leaving the clinic after surgery.  Marc remembers opening the glass door to head to the parking garage and being able to see all the way across the lobby and specifically seeing the sign behind the desk.

It was truly “a life changing event.”  He explains that his vision after LASIK was the best gift he has ever received in his life.

As we told Marc’s father when he shared this story with us, for a doctor like Dr. Slade who has dedicated his life to ophthalmology, its advancements in medicine and at the end of the day, just helping people see, stories like this make every day that he walks into his clinic, so unbelievably worthwhile.

Thank you for sharing your amazing experience with us.  Vision as you defined it is a gift.  We feel lucky to be able to work with someone who can make this happen for people, day in and day out. Most importantly, we feel proud to work with someone who was the first to share this gift of LASIK with the entire country years ago!

Do YOU wake up in the morning to glasses on YOUR nightstand or contact lenses awaiting you in YOUR bathroom?  What would a change in that routine mean to you?

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