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How Much Does LASIK Cost?

How Much Does LASIK Cost? If you’ve ever worn contact lenses or glasses, you know you’ve thought about it…one of the most common question people have is: How much does LASIK cost? As a consumer listening to XM/Sirius radio, Pandora, or even the local radio stations, you have heard the countless LASIK ads. For most of… Read More »

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Fixing The Myopia Epidemic: We Have Solutions

When people can’t walk 20 feet, we don’t make them use a prosthetic forever. We fix the problem. When people can’t see 20 feet, we have the ability to fix the problem, and it actually saves thousands of dollars over the cost of glasses and contacts over a few decades. A video is worth a… Read More »

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Can Junk Food Affect Your Vision?

A recent article on shared the story of a teenage boy who went blind after eating french fries, Pringles, and white bread for the majority of his life. Yes, this sounds crazy, but the boy’s case is real and we find that the information about nutrition contained in it is very important to share… Read More »

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