Cataract surgery houston

Normal view of mountains compared to the same view with a cataract

Cataracts are important to more than just vision, at any age.

An article published in American Journal of Ophthalmology by Moug Al-Makri et al., found that there’s more than a fourfold increased risk of anxiety disorders and twofold increased risk of neurodevelopment delay in children with a cataract compared to children without a cataract, even after adjusting for geographical birth origin, other diseases, socioeconomic status, and parental mental health disorders. As we end Every Kid Healthy Week, what better time to share this important finding…because what is more important than the mental health of our children and the future of our universe?

Thankfully, pediatric cataracts are rare, and they are treatable.

This article’s findings give us insight into the importance of vision throughout our lives.

We often hear that people are simply more upbeat after cataract surgery, when the world is brighter again. We actually hear ‘the greens are greener’ and ‘I thought that was brown this whole time but it’s blue!’ all the time from our cataract patients.

This may be one reason why people are electing to have cataract surgery earlier and earlier in life, including some nearsighted, farsighted, or astigmatism patients having a refractive lens exchange before their natural lens becomes a cloudy cataract to see better and prevent ever getting a cataract.

For more information on ‘refractive lens exchange’ please visit THIS PAGE, and for more on cataract surgery, learn more about our practice performing the first LASER cataract surgery procedure in the country HERE.

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