Lasik surgery

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We decided to poll the very people who get to spend time with our patients every day and who are a huge part of the magic that happens during LASIK days at Slade & Baker Vision: our beloved staff!

We share these with each other while at lunch or in the office, but time passes, life happens, and we wanted to commemorate them in a blog article and share them since each of them gave us such incredible stories!

Read below to read in their own words what has left an impression on them while working with LASIK patients at Slade & Baker!

  • ‘A LASIK patient once told me he cried a few days after his procedure because he saw his wife from across the room clearly for the first time in years and couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. He was in his mid 40’s, had been married for over 15 years and he was upset with himself for not doing it sooner. Definitely a memorable moment.’ –Casie Hawthorne, Ophthalmic Technician
  • ‘I remember how emotional it was for the patient to sit up from surgery and notice their mom or dad watching through our surgery suite window making sure that they were ok.’ The patient said “I can see my DAD!!!!” That still gets me every time…Christina Potter, Dry Eye Specialist
  • ‘I was holding a patient’s hand during his LASIK procedure and as he sat up I directed him to look through the glass to see his wife watching. He smiled so big and said “Gosh I did get lucky and marry the most beautiful woman” – Sherilyn Pele, Patient Counselor
  • ‘A story I’ve always remembered from back when I used to prep patients for LASIK…We had a patient who lived out in the country, I can’t remember where. He told me about the moment he first realized he wanted LASIK. He was mowing his pasture and he hit a hornets nest… he ran and his glasses flew off… at that moment he knew that LASIK was the right choice for him. I wish I could remember his name but after 15 years of happy patients, you tend to forget. I’ll never forget that story though.’ – Leticia Fernandez, Primary Surgical Scrub Technician
  • ‘One of my favorite patient memories would actually have to be my own! In 2020, my summer plans were cancelled due to COVID. Since I was refunded money from the vacation I was supposed to be on, I decided to get my eyes corrected. I was excited to say I became 20/20 in 2020 with Dr. Slade, the first surgeon to perform the procedure in the country. It was a mouthful to say but I was telling everyone I knew! Now that I assist in the laser room during our procedures, it makes me a little more emotional and connected because that was me two years ago. I get to be there for patients just like my coworkers were there for me when I had my procedure. – Rebecca Villegas, Patient Representative
  • My favorite and most heartwarming patient memory was actually from my first day being a ‘hand holder.’ [This is a position our staff trades off and we feel it is probably the most important role next to the surgeon’s during LASIK] I was with a patient and she was extremely nervous prior to her procedure. While speaking with her, I felt the energy in the room change. She started feeling more comfortable and less nervous. After her procedure, I walked her to her mom outside. Her mom thanked me so many times and told me how the way I held her daughter’s hand made her know that she was okay. – Rebecca Villegas, Patient Representative

We are so blessed to be able to spend such heartwarming moments with our patients and to really see what it’s like when they get to SEE well, and in some cases, for the very first time.  These are truly incredible moments that we don’t take for granted!  If you feel like you are ready to make a change and ditch your contact lenses or glasses; or if you are just curious about the process, why wait? Schedule a FREE LASIK exam with the people that performed the FIRST LASIK procedure in the country – with the longest experience.  We can be reached by phone Monday-Friday at 713-626-5544 or write us anytime at