Dr. Slade

You would be surprised at how many patients who have been diagnosed with a cataract stop driving at night completely. Or even scarier, the number of them that try to drive by taking back roads or just drive extremely slowly on main roads.

For Ms. Judy Jackson, she took the safer road, although she didn’t like it. “I did not trust my Night Vision at all, and just stopped driving at night completely.”

Ms. Jackson had LASIK in one eye prior to being diagnosed with a cataract. She noticed a steady decline in her vision as a whole, not just her night vision.

“My depth perception was off, everything was off. I could not see detail, the world wasn’t bright anymore and I am used to the world being bright.”

Not noticing colors and details is usually a big complaint and patients say they don’t realize how much color or how much vibrancy they were missing until the day after surgery.

On the day of surgery, Judy noted that “as always the staff at SBVC is outstanding and everyone was so nice.” She explained that she always overreacts to anesthesia and apparently offered to work at SBVC before surgery. She remembers saying “I love it up here, I would love to work here.” Dr. Slade almost took her up on the offer!

She remembers her hand was held before the surgery and she explained she was very aware. She explained she had no fear of closing her eye as she thought she would because everything was secured and explained to her.

The best explanation of surgery day that Ms. Jackson gave to us was “It was a Non Event. I wish I had another eye to give you for more surgery!” She explained how she felt about the expertise and professionalism of Dr. Slade. She also described everyone at SBVC including Dr. Baker and Dr. Essa as a “phenomenal support group.”

The only disadvantage Ms. Jackson notes is “I can see some wrinkles now that I never saw before.” She also similarly noticed that her guest room is dirty and her OCD has kicked in so she is cleaning everything!

Judy has been nice enough to offer her help for any anxious or hesitant patients who may be looking to have the cataract surgery. She has asked that they call her. Ms. Jackson has a Masters in social work and works with stress management so she would actually be a wonderful person to speak to! If you call us, we can connect you with Judy or any other of our amazing patients who love to help.

Here at SBVC, we love to have our patients talk to other patients to explain procedures and help them feel more comfortable. We are fortunate to have patients like Judy Jackson who trust their vision to us and volunteer their help. We are so happy about their results, enthusiasm and willingness to help!

If you or any loved ones are interested in laser cataract surgery, or you have noticed a decline in your vision, night vision or have experienced blurriness, please call our office at