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Stephen Slade, M.D. AECOS Winter Symposium

Our very own Stephen Slade, MD was the director of the entire 2018 Winter Session of the American-European Congress of Ophthalmic Surgery (AECOS) which just concluded in Colorado.

In addition to acting as the director of the entire meeting, Dr. Slade discussed published data on advanced technology lenses when doing cataract surgery on patients who have had previous laser vision correction such as LASIK, PRK, or RK in the past.

Attendees shared that what stood out the most from Dr. Slade’s presentation was how happy patients have been with the new types lenses that have given them all ranges of vision.

Another thing (amongst many) that we have always known is so impressive about Dr. Slade and that became evident at AECOS is that he truly knows, understands and has the deepest experience of both the optometric and ophthalmic worlds.  He shared how important it is when a patient’s care is coordinated between a referring physician with respect to the coordinated care for new surgical advances with patients’ established, long-term primary care optometrists.

If your local, trusted eye doctor has told you that you need cataract surgery or a laser vision correction procedure, please share Dr. Slade’s information with them.  We can coordinate your care between our surgeons and your local optometrist so that your post-operative care is not only safe and efficient, but very convenient for you!

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Stephen Slade, M.D. AECOS Winter Symposium
Stephen Slade, M.D. AECOS Winter Symposium