Lasik surgery

Dr. Slade LASIK Surgery

It was exactly 27 years ago today, that Dr. Slade performed the FIRST LASIK procedure in the United States of America.

On June 6th, 1991, history was made, and we were so lucky to be a part of it.

Since that day 27 years ago, LASIK has come such a long way.

Technology has developed to allow for custom treatments, excimer lasers have developed to provide better accuracy, clinical trials have been underway to help lessen post-procedure symptoms like halos, and so many other incredible developments that have made refractive surgery an amazing option for patients seeking the freedom from glasses and contact lenses.

We recently posted about the Joseph Colin award that was just presented to Dr. Slade in Berlin at the AECOS meeting.  This award seems so timely in the wake of this incredible anniversary where we celebrate Dr. Slade’s highly respected position in ophthalmology. A position where he has been the first to try so much and provided all his findings for the betterment of patient care across the globe.

We invite you to read this post as well, so you can learn a little about what comes with this “honor” of always being the first.

Most importantly, we want to extend the glasses and contact lens-free opportunity to you and your loved ones this summer. We urge you to call us to learn more about what has changed since that bright day in 1991.

Why is LASIK a good option for you? What other options do we now offer to get you out of contacts or glasses? Have you thought about LASIK and decided it may cost too much?  We can break it all down for you.

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