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An incredible patient letter to Dr. Slade

“I remember crying in the shower when I saw my feet for the first time! Just let him know I appreciate him every day I open my eyes in the morning and I can see my alarm clock!” To read more from this incredible letter to Dr. Slade, 27 years post surgery, read our latest blog!

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New Device that could mean Improved Visual Outcomes after Refractive Surgery – Dr. Slade & Dr. Walton – first 2 in Texas!

Another important “FIRST” here at Slade & Baker Vision Center! Yesterday, Wednesday, Oct. 12th 2016, Dr. Bennett Walton and Dr. Stephen Slade were the first two surgeons in Texas (and in the top 4 in the US!) to use the Holos device which is part of an effort to continually improve our patients’ visual outcomes in surgery. Read our latest blog to learn more about what the Holos techonology means for LASIK and all refractive surgeries!

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Not a LASIK candidate? Severely Nearsighted? Call us! Personal patient story about ICL surgery.

Chris was severely nearsighted. The prescription in his glasses was so strong that he finally got tired of the distortion from his lenses. It was so hard for him to see. Due to Chris’s high prescription of -16.00, he was deemed to NOT be a candidate for LASIK. READ more about LASIK options and how Chris is now able to see with ZERO glasses or contacts!

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New SMILE procedure, a LASIK alternative offered in Houston, Texas at Slade & Baker Vision Center

When heavily immersed in a profession, you sometimes lose sight of what outsiders and the public may think about the surgeries and patients you are around daily.

This happens to all of us lucky staff members at Slade & Baker Vision Center.

We were the first clinical trial site in all of Texas to provide the SMILE procedure to patients. There are only FIVE sites in the entire United States.

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A Surgeon’s Perspective on ICL: Implantable Collamer Lens

If any of you are like me, you are already feeling withdrawal symptoms now that the Olympics are over. My whole family loves to crowd around the TV once every 4 years to watch new Olympians become our heroes. Did anyone see McKayla Maroney do the vault? She skied to unbelievable heights with incredible precision, and the vault she did during qualifiers in particular was one of the most memorable moments of these Olympic Games for my family.

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