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Dr. Nikitha Reddy MD

We are so excited to announce that our newest superstar surgeon, Dr. Nikitha Reddy MD, joined Slade & Baker Vision officially on October 10th.  You can find out all about her by clicking on her bio, but we wanted to do a little bit of a deeper dive into WHO she is and WHERE she comes from, since Slade & Baker Vision offers a unique experience from a patient perspective.

It truly is a family here and it really feels that way to our patients. We strive for that one on one, personal touch here, and in order for patients to feel comfortable seeing a new physician, we figured, why not get to know her better by sharing a blog about her!

It truly is a family here, and it really feels that way to our patients. We strive for a one-on-one, personal touch at Slade & Baker, and in order for patients to feel comfortable seeing a new physician, we figured, why not get to know her better by sharing a blog about her? Dr. Reddy was raised in Flower Mound, TX, a small-town NE of Dallas. She comes from a large, Texas-based family and has one younger sister, whom she went to medical school with and who is a Radiology resident.

Dr. Reddy completed her undergraduate degree at UT Austin 1 year early through the Health Science Honors program, after which she decided to return to Dallas for medical school at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

After medical school, she did an Internal Medicine internship for a year in Los Angeles at Cedars Sinai because she always wanted the experience of living on the west coast.  She claims Los Angeles remains her favorite city in the USA, where she got to experience a totally different world of general practice. “When I think of the idea of being a doctor, I think of generalists taking care the whole patient, so they must know a bit about everything in the human body. I always thought that was truly incredible and challenging to maintain such a broad knowledge of medicine. It really keeps you on your toes.

Dr. Reddy’s favorite aspect of the program was the people; the teams were excited to be at work everyday and had great camaraderie – which transfers amazingly to her new role at Slade & Baker Vision. She formed strong relationships with her peers over the years of training in various programs, and remains bonded as friends to date. She followed recounting this amazing experience with “I still knew I would always come back home to Texas.”

After this internship, Dr. Reddy returned to UT Southwestern for residency — a strong nationally recognized program in ophthalmology; it carries the highest number of residents a year because they cover numerous hospitals and had a broad variety of pathology. She felt it was a truly great learning opportunity with unmatched clinical and surgical volume.

“While I was in residency, I knew I wanted to pursue a fellowship. I knew I wanted to perform cataract surgery, so that ruled out some specialties. I became passionate about glaucoma. I always valued the special, long term connection with glaucoma patients. Glaucoma is really challenging because there is no cure in 2023. There are lots of treatment options so it’s a good and bad thing because there is no universally perfect treatment. We need to consistently innovate and come up with new, effective ways to individualize care, which I am passionate about.” Dr. Reddy explained that her patients are “patients that ophthalmologists have for life” because they are first seen sometimes as a 20-30 year and then followed through major milestones of life. This gives the doctor and patient the opportunity to build a strong bond. Dr. Reddy fueled this passion and in 2022, she moved to Toronto to join one of the most prestigious ophthalmology fellowships called the Glaucoma and Advanced Anterior Segment Surgery (GAASS) Fellowship under the mentorship of the world-renowned surgeon, Dr. Ike Ahmed, who is globally recognized for pioneering minimally invasive glaucoma surgeries (MIGS).

Dr. Reddy then moved back to Houston, TX a couple months ago to join her husband, who was born and raised in Cypress, TX and patiently waited for her to return.  Dr. Reddy’s husband also shares a passion for eyecare as a Retina Specialist at the Retina Consultants of Texas. The two of them met while Dr. Reddy was in medical school and he was completing his residency at UT Southwestern.  Her husband’s practice works closely with Slade & Baker Vision to take care of patients with retinal diseases and connected Dr. Reddy with Dr. Slade. Throughout the interview process to determine where Dr. Reddy would choose to practice, she shared that Slade & Baker Vision remained her top choice.

She states, “the team at Slade & Baker are dedicated to patient care and most of the staff have been working at the practice for decades, which says a lot about how the practice values their staff and patients. They have a great reputation in the community, patients love them, and it is a great work environment. Working with innovators in the field like Dr. Slade motivates all of us to keep pushing forward and the best way to give back is via teaching as he has done for decades.”

Last, but not least, Dr. Reddy has 2 male golden doodles named Kai and Tito (as a proper Texan, Tito is named after a Texas beverage). She enjoys the culture in Houston and spending time with her friends and family. Dr. Reddy’s daily focus at the practice is on patients who need cataract surgery, refractive treatments, MIGS and other glaucoma treatments. If you would like to request an appointment with her, please call us at 713-626-5544 or write us at