Change eye color permanently? The importance of your LASIK surgeon being on the brink of Technology. Our Youtube gone Viral!

Would you want someone to remodel your kitchen if the last kitchen they remodeled was in 1990? Besides having been involved in the FIRST LASIK procedure in our country, our surgeons have been a part of many firsts. They are asked to research equipment, lasers, implants, and lenses that are in the process of being FDA approved. Today we wanted to share a pretty cool case our doctors helped with. Read our latest blog and watch our viral youtube video featuring Dr. Stephen Slade removing an iris implant that was performed overseas for permanent eye color change!
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Sick of your reading glasses? Breaking news for Near Vision Correction and Presbyopia. New Corneal inlay is FDA approved.

After years of what felt like ZERO options, adults with presbyopia now have an amazing NEW, FDA approved option to correct their Near Vision without ruining their distance vision. Read this blog post to learn more about this 10 minute procedure that could rid you of having to wear those reading glasses you hate so much!
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Cataract Surgery and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). A letter from a Patient with a Rare Disorder.

But what struck us is what we take for granted so much. The immense skill it takes for a surgeon to have to fight a dangerous, risky turn while during surgery. "Dr. Slade handled my case and did not make me nervous or uncomfortable." Gregg shared he has the utmost respect "for how Dr. Slade could anticipate any problems" that may surface even during surgery. As he states in his letter: "I never knew there was a problem because you and your staff were so professional." Read our blog to learn the full story of a patient with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome having cataract surgery with Dr. Slade!
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