My diplomas on my wall, I could see my name in them! Life changing story about Keratoconus. Hear from our patient 2 weeks after crosslinking.

Today, November 10th, has been named World Keratoconus Day! Please join us in spreading the word about Keratoconus. Read this heartfelt story from a crosslinking patient that JUST had surgery 2 weeks ago. "If anyone reading this is on the fence or skeptical about crosslinking, I want to say have no fear. What the last 2 weeks has done in the quality of my life is incredible. I am a big outdoor person, I love to fish and hunt and what this has done for me in just two weeks, even just watching a sporting event, I can't put in words. It was so worth it."
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New Device that could mean Improved Visual Outcomes after Refractive Surgery – Dr. Slade & Dr. Walton – first 2 in Texas!

Another important "FIRST" here at Slade & Baker Vision Center! Yesterday, Wednesday, Oct. 12th 2016, Dr. Bennett Walton and Dr. Stephen Slade were the first two surgeons in Texas (and in the top 4 in the US!) to use the Holos device which is part of an effort to continually improve our patients' visual outcomes in surgery. Read our latest blog to learn more about what the Holos techonology means for LASIK and all refractive surgeries!
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Looking for LASIK options? Announcing new, exciting FDA Approval of SMILE procedure!

SMILE is an alternative to LASIK and designed to accomplish the same visual result as the LASIK procedure. It has been approved in the rest of the world for quite some time, and we are so excited to report that it finally got the approval here in the US yesterday, September 13th 2016! Read our latest blog for more info about options for LASIK!
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History made at Slade & Baker Vision Center. BREAKING NEWS for Near Vision! First Raindrop presbyopia correcting surgery outside of Clinical Trials!

Dr. Stephen Slade made history yesterday right in our operating room at Slade & Baker Vision Center. He performed the first Raindrop corneal inlay surgery to correct near vision (presbyopia patient) outside of the FDA US clinical trials yesterday at 10:00 AM CST right here in Houston, Texas! Read our latest blog to see photos from the entire experience yesterday, the Slade & Baker team and today's Post op Day 1 for our patient!
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Sick of your reading glasses? Now, there is a NEW procedure to help you get rid of them for GOOD. Tune in to watch Dr. Slade LIVE tomorrow!

The day has finally arrived! A NEW amazing procedure that means you can throw out those annoying, ugly reading glasses...Dr. Slade will be one of the first surgeons in the US to perform this procedure outside of the clinical trials which will be LIVE STREAMED at 10 AM (CST) Houston time, TOMORROW, Tuesday, Aug. 30! Sign on and register to watch the procedure.
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New study proves contact lens users who chose to have LASIK were more satisfied with their vision 1-3 years after surgery! Are YOU a millenial? Have you thought about LASIK?

A new study found that LASIK patients who used to wear contacts are more satisfied years after surgery than those who chose not to have LASIK. And for all of the Millenials out there, patients younger than age 40 were the MOST satisfied with their LASIK! Read our latest blog to find out all the study conclusions and why you shouldn't wait until summer ends to get your vision fixed!
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This is something you can’t buy. Your eyes are so precious. – a Botched LASIK Patient\’s Journey to Slade & Baker Vision Center

If you are looking into the option of getting rid of contacts or glasses, do not go somewhere based on price. One LASIK procedure and your options could be none. Go to a doctor who truly cares about YOU. “He corrected my LASIK. He is a genius and a miracle worker.” Please read our blog for a scary but heartwarming story!
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