Lasik surgery

Dr. Slade and LASIK Patient

Stephanie is an optician at an office we love working with, Vision Source Shadow Creek in Pearland. The doctors at Slade & Baker work with so many patients from Dr. Dipak Kalani and Dr. Linda Haidar’s office and we know just how important Stephanie is to them as she has been a part of their work family for over 20 years!

Stephanie struggled for years with her own dry eye which was caused by wearing contact lenses, and from the headaches she felt from her glasses. Dr. Kalani and her Vision Source family encouraged her to take care of her own vision this summer, and she did. Since so many people enjoyed the last LASIK story we shared, and we know patients love to hear from other patients about how LASIK works, we are sharing her LASIK Journey here!

Stephanie had her LASIK procedure with Dr. Stephen Slade on June 2nd at Slade & Baker Vision, and she shared her full journey with us from pre op to post op on the Vision Source Blog a couple of weeks ago.  She walked everyone through her own ‘Road to LASIK’ in her words.

Dr. Kalani, who has been a big part of Stephanie’s LASIK Journey, shared “I have personally seen Stephanie struggle with night vision problems, dryness issues with contacts, headaches with glasses, etc. Stephanie shared with us that the main reason she decided to go forward with LASIK was due to the dryness and the headaches.”

Stephanie’s Road to LASIK:

LASIK Screening + Pre-Op at Vision Source Shadow Creek (May 19th, 2022 – 2 weeks before surgery)

Stephanie was a -7.00 in her contact lenses when she had her LASIK Pre Op with Dr. Kalani, and he finalized that she was a candidate for LASIK.

Dr. Kalani set up a game plan to prepare Stephanie for her procedure and pulled her out of her contact lenses 2 weeks prior to surgery. Bye Contact Lenses!

Stephanie proceeded to wear glasses full time for those two weeks and it reminded her why she wanted to have LASIK so much in the first place. She shared:  “They gave me a headache (as they always have), BUT I will say the end result of the LASIK (where I don’t have to wear them ever again) was SO worth it!”

June 2, 2022: Day of surgery at Slade & Baker Surgery! 

Stephanie shared that she woke up several times the night before and could NOT go back to sleep because she was so ready for this day to get started. We don’t blame her! Most LASIK candidates are SO READY on the morning of their procedure!

Stephanie shared she was a little nervous but more excited to never have to wear her glasses again. “Just knowing the benefit of having this surgery ALMOST eliminates the nervousness that’s comes with it. The headaches only came with the glasses. I think it was from putting pressure on my base and ears or something. I wore contacts almost every day except on the weekends and nights I wore the glasses.”

At 1:40 pm on LASIK day, Stephanie shared “After being here [at Slade & Baker Vision] everyone is so nice and they really make you feel relaxed. I’m really not nervous anymore. It’s almost time!”

June 3, 2022: Day 1 post op at Vision Source Shadow Creek

At 9:32am, Stephanie shared “I woke up and I could see!!!  OMG it was so unbelievable!  I’m so excited!”

Dr. Kalani took a look at Stephanie’s eyes in the slit lamp to make sure that her corneas were healing well from LASIK yesterday and he also checked Stephanie’s vision…happy to report, she was 20/20!

We checked in with her in the afternoon and she shared: “I just woke up from a nap and it’s so weird waking up and seeing right away lol.”

July 1, 2022: Stephanie Checks in with us – One Month After LASIK

Stephanie shared: “Honestly, I think everything has changed. My daily life in general is better. My attitude, my vision. NO MORE HEADACHES.”

If you would like to ditch your contacts or glasses before this summer is over, or just want to see if you’re a candidate for LASIK (like Stephanie), make an appointment at Slade & Baker Vision today!