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Interested in LASIK options? -Reporting Over 1 Million SMILE procedures worldwide! We were among the FIRST!

It was announced yesterdey (September 28, 2017) that doctors have performed over 1 million procedures of laser vision correction surgery using Zeiss’s SMILE refractive technology worldwide! ReLEx SMILE is now being performed across the globe by over 1,300 surgeons (in more than 65 countries) with patients reporting high satisfaction with the results of this very… Read More »

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Sick of your reading glasses? Now, there is a NEW procedure to help you get rid of them for GOOD. Tune in to watch Dr. Slade LIVE tomorrow!

The day has finally arrived! A NEW amazing procedure that means you can throw out those annoying, ugly reading glasses…Dr. Slade will be one of the first surgeons in the US to perform this procedure outside of the clinical trials which will be LIVE STREAMED at 10 AM (CST) Houston time, TOMORROW, Tuesday, Aug. 30! Sign on and register to watch the procedure.

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