Why You Should NOT Sleep in Your Contact Lenses


Last weekend was homecoming weekend for all of my friends from grad school, and of course, with any homecoming celebration comes a football game, and preceding the football game, of course, a tailgate. As we were all getting ready to head out for the day, one of my dearest friends came running up to me…

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Woman sleeping

Sex After Eye Surgery

Lasik surgery

****Please note that this blog post contains themes more mature than our typical blog post.  Our goal in this post is to communicate clearly and specifically without being inappropriate.**** One of the frequently asked questions after LASIK or cataract surgery is:  “Can I have sex after surgery?” It’s a question that many ask, but even more…

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I’ve Worn Glasses Since 2nd Grade: An EVO ICL Patient Story


When patients get tired of wearing glasses and contacts after years and years of it being their ‘norm’ they come to us for solutions. Our vision is sacred, and we know stories like this help our patients learn about what is out there and what can potentially help them so we like to share them…

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